Who We Are

Live Nutritionals was started by former competitive athletes, coaches, and a neuroscientist who have seen first hand how nutritional changes can help in both form and function, physical and mental, each human to perform to their utmost potential and get the most out of every day.

Based out of Popoyo, Nicaragua, we live here because we fell in love with the people, the beauty of the land & the way of life. We wanted to create a business & products benefiting locals & travellers alike. Handcrafting each PROBIOTIC product individually from the highest quality, local Nicaraguan ingredients, these are products we love and use everyday.

We care about our bodies & we want to share that with those wanting to do the same, while giving back to our beautiful community, & help keep Nicaragua & it’s people beautiful.

~ With gratitude, Chantelle, Josh & MK.

Our Mission & Values

At LiveNutritionals.com our mission is to sort through the thousands of nutritional products on the market and curate only the highest quality & absorbable food based nutritional products to help you to live the best possible life you can.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for natural performance gains, a mother looking for a natural edge in the incredible job of raising your children, a student looking to naturally boost your mental clarity and alertness or just a regular, every day person looking to LIVE a better LIFE, we are constantly on the look out for research and nutritional keys to unlock the best you.

We focus on whole food nutrients that our bodies will actually absorb and assimilate. We work hard to research and bring you the best every day nutritional supplements, as well as athletic nutrition supplements. What this all means for you is rather than worrying about your supplements, knowing that you can LIVE & feel your best every day!

The foods we take in not only control our energy stores and release them for use in our bodies, they also have an effect on one of the most powerful systems in the human body – the hormonal system – and for the performance oriented individual (those who want to gain the most out of each day), a well supported system can make all the difference in the world.

Vitamin Angels

We believe that every human deserves to live the best life that they can, to live with vitality and strength, to gain the most out of every moment.

We believe in helping not only you do this but also supporting organizations helping impoverished groups who desperately need nutritional aid.

This is why we have chosen to donate to Vitamin Angeles.